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°•Bad Boys Save The Good Girls•° ¤READ ALL OF THE AA BEFORE JOINING¤

Three girls have been friends for quite a while. One day, they were all heading home from their school together when they were harassed by some…

  1. a_soulless_lonely_shadow_19 P A N D O R A   J O S E P H 🌸 B A S I C S🌸Name: Pandora JosephNickname: Panda Gender: FemaleBirthday: June 19thSexuality: straightHeight : 5'5Weight: 150 lbs  ✖️ P E R S O N A I L T Y ✖️»Very shy»Suffers from extreme depression»anger issues»Terrible anxiety》Mute. 🍭 A P P E A R A N C E 🍭 Eye color: Cobolt blueHair :  Milk chocolate. Hairstyle: long and wavy 💅🏼 L I K E S💅🏼Scary thingsreadingwritingsingingdancinganimalsinstrumentsmusicsongwritingYouTubedrawingvideo gamesAss slapping/grabbingNeck kissesCuddling.Twenty One PilotsP!ATDMCRFOBSkilletEtc.👄 H A T E S👄assholes douchebagsidiotsbitchesjerksdramadrugsalcoholpornFuckgirls Sluts Whores Hœs Cunts«Bio credit: Øløber»

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🎀Cowboys VS Indians🎀

It's the 1500's, where Cowboys are against Indians...…

  1. bellenoelle04 @natsuka If others see this as offensive then so be it. If others are aloud to include rape in their chats then a little thing like this shouldn't be their main concern.//

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