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YouTuber Rp

A high school for the queens and kings of the Internet was formed. Everyone who is a somebody on the in inter webs community is invited to attend this…

  1. Jasper_Senpai Name:Alec V. Salvator Age: 17 years old Sexuality: confused. Occupation: In his spare time he video edits other's videos Bio: Alec is loving and sweet he is well mannered and very social. he's a bit of a flirt and can be very energetic. He's silly in other words. When He befriends anyone he becomes attached and will protect that person. He's a dork. He's in the photography club in college. He's artistic. Not very popular. Some call him a hipster. He's a Salvatore and his parents tell him to get into business but he's an artistic soul. He got into YouTube through his art of speed painting over time he started making storytimes and dreamtimes then he evolved to challenges and more. Loves: music. Concerts. People. YouTube. Photography. His cats. Hates: bitter people. Ignorant people. Basically Donald trump. Haters. Hobbies:Photography. Writing. Art. Acting. Videos. Vlogs. Painting. Looks: 6'0" light brown hair with dark green eyes. Always has a smile. A few tattoos on His rib cage, back and forearm great smile. Quotes: "Do not sugar coat stuff for me. Tell me what's up I'm not five years old" "putting my grades up for adoption because I can't raise them" "When I'm hurting, you'll know" "Oh Fuck me in the face with a sledge hammer"

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