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HxH RP // Read Aa //

Welcome to the World of Hunter x Hunter! This RP is based off of HxH the anime! ------- Rules ------- × Cannon Characters are allowed.

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Avatar the last airbender Rp

The Avatar has long since vanished- or so it is believed. Most believe that the Avatar was just an old myth from thousands of years ago, but there are…

  1. kj030903 Gwendolyn (Gwen) 16 Race: Fire nation Personality: feisty, short tempered, stubborn, outgoing, quick witted, natural leader, can be bossy can be cold and have an ego but incredibly proud, loyal, brave (and reckless), Likes: drama, literature, animals, mythology, music, dancing, fire, war craft, battle strategy Dislikes: heights Hates: being told what to do, being questioned, being disobeyed Fears: being forgotten

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