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In the world of Geeking, there are many questions. What happens if you chance upon something magical, or suddenly find yourself in another world? Can you fight your way past some of anime's greatest villains? When traveling through vampire country, how should you protect yourself? Maybe even scarier, how do you get out of high school unscathed?

Our how-to section wants to answer all these questions, and more. Check back here for tips on surviving anything, answering age-old questions about who would win in a fight, travel guides around your favorite lands, and so much more. At Talk Chain, you tell the story- and we help you be prepared for anything.

Friends How To Guide & Story

How to Deal with Toxic Friendships

Not every friendship can last forever, and that's okay. But what do you do when a former friend is treating you badly? How can you tell when you need to fix a relationship, or just let it go? We've got some tips to help you through this… [read more]

Hearthstone How To Guide & Story

How to Build a Hearthstone Deck

Blizzard's hit online card game combines Warcraft mythos with addicting gameplay. But if you want to win, you'll need to build your own deck, and if you want to build your own deck, you're going to need some tips—lucky for you, we have… [read more]

Narnia How To Guide & Story

How to Get to Narnia

If you want to rule at Cair Paravel or ride the Dawn Treader to the ends of the earth, you'll need to get to Narnia first. So how do you get to this fantasyland where animals speak and witches control the weather? By following our simple… [read more]

#Harry Potter
Harry Potter How To Guide & Story

How to Survive a Year at Hogwarts

Attending Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry has been the dream of many a child since Harry Potter first came into the world. But the life of a wizard—even a student—can be fraught with danger. Luckily, we're here to help you… [read more]

Creepypasta How To Guide & Story

How to Write a Killer Creepypasta

If you like being chilled to the core, you're probably already familiar with creepypasta, horror stories created for consumption on the web. Reading them is fun, but how about writing them? If you follow our guide, you'll be able to… [read more]

Vampires How To Guide & Story

How to Kill A Vampire

Killing a vampire is no easy feat—with mythologies spanning centuries, there are a seemingly limitless number of methods to kill the beasts, some of them contradictory. Lucky for you, our guide tells you how to identify and dispose of… [read more]

Magic How To Guide & Story

How To Become a Magical Girl

If you like fighting for a good cause in a cute outfit, using magic powers to save the day, and doing it all with a stellar group of friends, you might already be a magical girl. But if you're only partway there, we've got a guide to… [read more]

#Video Games
Video Games How To Guide & Story

How To Date Like a Video Game Hero

Real life doesn’t throw faithful companions at you the way video games do. Thus far, maybe you've lived a simple, small life—let's say you're a farmer's kid, and all you know is the lands around you, some townsfolk (none of whom are… [read more]