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Supernatual Camp

We have invited you to be at our camp because there are many things that we love to discuss with you and there might be somthing special thats in you…

  1. mommysenpai "Lollipops are my favorite" First name: Janelle Last name: Moon Middle Name: Ross Gender: Female Age: 17 Height: 5'1 Weight: 120 lbs Sexuality: Straight Race: Latin American Birthdate: May 6, 2001 Astrological sign: Taurus Species: Human Powers: Force field and teleportation Forcefield Variations: Electrical Force Field Magnetic Force-Field Personal Environment Psioplasmic Field Generation Psychic Force-Field Generation Spatial Force-Field Generation Forcefield limitations: May be limited on the size/shape/time of their barriers. May not be able to maintain barriers under stress. Attacks on the barriers may cause equivalent damage to user's mind or body. May require concentration. "I like the rain..." Personality: She is a very quiet person, she is rarely mad. Janelle is timid and a private individual, she is smart in her own ways but she likes to keep to herself. In other words she is unsociable, she doesn't like to share or talk about her feelings. She is not a fan of making friends or talking. If she does talk she will only say what is needed to say in very little words. Good trairts: Laidback, silly, affectionate, and gentle Bad traits: Detached, insecure, and blunt Extrovert or introvert: Introvert Likes: Indoors, weather, books, warmth, food, snacks, music, cats, quiet places, and art Dislikes: Singing, loud places, crowds, dancing, being controlled, black coffee, attention, and dogs Fears: Spiders Phobias: Pryophobia Damages: Tinnitus "Yes?" Appearance Skin color: Olive colored skin Skin type: Smooth Body type: Inverted triangle, petite and short Eye color: Brown colored eyes Hair color: Brown colored hair Hair length: Shoulder length Type of hair: Thin, silk like hair Face Shape: Heart shaped face Eye shape: Upturned eyes "Hold on." Hobbies: Reading Cooking Habits: Humming Fidgeting Soothers: Silence Happiest memory: When her grandmother put on music and began to sing along with Janelle (13 years old), the constant ringing sound couldn't be heard anymore. Worst memory: When she was diagnosed with tinnitus. Backstory: Janelle had a wonderful childhood until she was out one day, playing alone. Being curious she ran across the street to get to the other side. She didn't see the car and then a car suddenly hit Janelle. She was fine but her doctor then diagnosed Janelle with tinnitus, the constant ringing sound never fading. Listening to music drowned out the constant ringing sound in her ear. "S-Stay.... With me"

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