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College? Not for me

Friends that are out of high school refuse to go to college. They all have big dreams and plans. They all hang out one day at a week long sleep over. …

  1. gam30v3r_578634911 emo_angel1_gam30v3r Name• Adriana Stevens Age • 19 Gender • female Sexuality • pansexual Sub/Dom • sub Personality • Loud Excitable Funny Goofball Silly Bad habits • Biting her lip Ruffling her hair Likes • Movies Hugs Art Music Reading The outdoors Taking pictures Snakes Animals Dislikes • Confrontation Rude people Worms Loud places Turn on's• Pulling hair Long kisses Romance Biting Turn offs• Scaring her Being rude Hair color: rainbow Nickname: Addie. Adrian. Ace D.O.B: June 22 Birthplace: LA Height: 6'1 Piercings: snake bites. Nose, eyebrow, tongue. Tattoos: black heart with wings on upper leg; song lyrics on left wrist; sleeve on arm and left leg. Fears: Death Drowning Strange quirks: She scrunches her nose when she laughs When she's sad she tilts he head slightly down and to the left She bites her inner cheek when she's embarrassed She laughs when she's nervous. She covers her face when she's trying not to laugh and when she smiles. Favorite: Season: fall Color: Black and green Movie: Sweeney Todd Animal: Snake Food: chocolate or pizza Drink: monster Quotes: "Im not emo Im a goddamn scene princess ." "There's scene and then there's me" "I like everyone of every gender... except you." "You're more gay then me... and I had a girlfriend" "Sweetheart. You fucking love me" "Sweetheart a noodle is straight too... until it's wet."

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Supernatural step family

Read all of this and is you skip to the bottom you suck…

  1. Dashanhikerashi Name Dashan Hikerashi Age 17 Gender male Height 6'6 Weight 68kg Species vampire and angel hybrid born natural Powers vampire and angel physiology and light and dark manipulation Personality Dashan is a cheerful pure hearted boy. He likes to torture people and becomes more monstrous the longer he fights. Looks He has black hair and red eyes.His hair hair is medium length and skin is pale like.He wears a black trench coat. He doesn't wear a shirt and his coat is always half off his shouler. he is tone and looks as if he doesn't have a care in the world. Relatives Mom died Dad is still alive and lives with Dashan No siblings Grandparents died

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